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What's The Difference Between Grit and Perseverance?

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Grit is a term we hear a lot these days. It’s used to describe successful, optimistic, and happy people in life. But what does it mean? And how can you apply it to your own life? A lot of that comes down to how you define it. Grit can be something different for everyone. For some, it may mean a never-ending drive toward success and happiness. For others, it may mean a stubborn refusal to quit or give up when faced with adversity.

Whatever your definition of grit, there’s one thing all definitions have in common: the value they add to your life. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about this topic so that you can apply it in your life right away!

What’s the difference between grit and perseverance?

Grit is a personality trait that can help you become more successful, while perseverance can help you persevere when faced with challenges. Put simply; grit is the ability to persevere — it’s perseverance in a different guise. Grit and perseverance are often interchanged in everyday language, but it’s important to understand the difference between them. Grit is often regarded as a personality trait you either have or don’t have.

While you can certainly have more of it in your life, it’s not something you can actively train or acquire. Perseverance, however, is something you can actively train. It’s something you can work on and improve with effort.

Why is it important to have grit in your life?

For several reasons! First and foremost, grit separates successful individuals from the rest. Those who have grit are the ones who can make it in life, no matter what.

They’re the ones who can keep going even when everything seems to be stacked against them. And while grit is something that successful people value, it’s not something that everyone has. Often, people who struggle the most are the least likely to see it as a positive trait.

Grit can also boost energy when you’re feeling a little low or worn out. It can help you focus on what’s most important and give you the extra push you need to make it happen.

How to develop grit in your life

You can take a few steps to build grit into your life. The first is to have a better understanding of the trait itself. The next step is to make a conscious effort to identify when you’re applying grit or not. In other words, try to identify what's happening when you’re having a hard time seeing it in yourself.

Once you’ve identified when grit isn’t being applied, you can use the information we’ll provide in the rest of this article to apply grit more often.

Grit and perseverance go hand-in-hand

While grit is something that shows up in the lives of successful people, perseverance is something you can cultivate in your own life. Although it’s often confused with grit or valued as much as grit is, perseverance is something you can train and improve.

It’s something that can be strengthened with practice. Perseverance is valued in many fields, including sports, business, and writing. What it means in each of these fields is different, but it involves continuing when it would be easier to quit.

Tips for Improving Grit and Perseverance

First and foremost, try to keep in mind that grit and perseverance are both positive traits. Try to view them as positive aspects of who you are instead of seeing them as things that need to be overcome. Next, try to find ways to apply grit more often.

For example, if you see a challenge coming up, try to focus on what you can do to make it easier. If you feel that grit isn’t coming easily, try to identify what’s happening. Is it something within the situation? Is it something within yourself? Once you’ve identified what you can work on, focus your energy on that.


Grit is a valuable trait to have in your life. It can help you become more successful in everything you do and make you happier. And while it’s something that successful people have naturally, it can be developed with effort. The best part is that developing grit doesn’t take much time or money. It just requires you to focus on what’s important and make an effort to improve.

With that, you can build grit into your life in no time at all!

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